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Each patient, depending on condition and pathology, is matched with a doctor who specializes in a particular branch of medicine. Our facility utilizes fluoroscopy, or x-ray guidance, for most pain management and spinal procedures, which allows for a more precise procedure, yielding excellent and longer lasting results. 

Interventional Pain Management
  • Cervical and Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Facet Injections
  • Transforaminal Injections
  • Medial Branch Blocks
  • Stellate Hip Injections
  • Ganglion Nerve Blocks
  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Discogram
  • Nucleoplasty

For the chronic pain patient, our doctors may choose a nerve cord stimulator trial and, if successful, a permanent placement.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons work with arthroscopic equipment for diagnosis and treatment during your surgical procedure. Our surgeons repair torn rotator cuffs in the shoulder and torn ligaments and tendons in the knee (ACL, LCL, PCL, MCL). They also provide:

  • Subacromial decompression for impingement syndromes
  • Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) for frozen shoulders
  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Tendinopathy
  • Open reduction internal fixation (ORIF)
  • Achilles tendon repair
  • Plantar fascia release.
Spine Surgery 

The spine surgery department is quite unique, offering minimally invasive procedures including:

  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)
  • Lumbar Fusion
  • Disc arthroplasty
  • Posterior laminectomy
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Hemilaminectomy
  • Permanent placement of spinal cord stimulator
  • Peripheral nerve release
  • Ulnar nerve release
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Biacuplasty
Plastic Surgery 

Plastic surgery is offered to those who may require skin grafting after a surgical procedure, or to those interested in cosmetic makeovers.This department can also refer you to a specialist to achieve the best results and minimize the possibilities of scarring.

Podiatric Surgery 

While our orthopedic department is well versed when it comes to pathology of the foot and ankle, we still may match your condition with our podiatric surgeon, a foot and ankle specialist. This type of surgeon specializes in the following:

  • Osteotomy
  • Plantar fasciotomy
  • Foot and ankle fractures
  • Achilles tendon repairs
Pre-Operative Testing 

Our facility has a CLIA waver from the Illinois Department of Public Health, and therefore, upon your surgeon's request, we can perform blood glucose monitoring (BGM), complete blood workup (CBC), monitor vitals, and ECG/EKG.

Coverage and Compensation

Our group works directly with your workman's compensation and automobile insurance, as well as your insurance adjustor, nurse case manager, and attorney on a ‘lien’ basis until your claim has been settled. We do accept some private health care insurance and we recommend, calling our authorizations department with any questions regarding coverage.

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